Great Grandmaster Villari in Action
Grandmaster Fred Villari, founder of Shaolin Kempo Karate, delivers a montage of kicks, punches, locks and take downs.



Great Grandmaster Villari Cuts Loose
Watch Grandmaster Fred Villari devastate one attacker after another in this intro to one of his DVD's.



Great Grandmaster Villari - #13 Combination
Grandmaster Fred Villari demonstrates his famous #13 combination during his 1985 Clinic at Boston University.  Fred Villari is credited with being the originator of Belt techniques in the martial arts.  Watch as he demonstrates a multitude of ways you can use a common belt as a weapon for self defense.



Great Grandmaster Villari - Teaching Dragon
The Grandmaster teaches concepts of Shaolin Dragon.  One of the main branches of Shaolin Kempo Karate, the Dragon is also one of the most complex.  Listen and watch as Fred Villari masterfully makes the complex understandable.



Great Grandmaster Villari - Teaching Chin Na
A quick and concise lesson in Chin Na from Great Grandmaster Villari.



Great Grandmaster Villari - Hand Gun Defense
From a special clinic at Boston University highlights self defense techniques against weapons of the street.



Great Grandmaster Villari - Against the Wrench
Grandmaster Villari teaches a defense against a man with a wrench. This clip provides a glimpse of his personality and no-nonsense approach to self defense.



Great Grandmaster Villari - Against the Knife
Fred Villari teaches you how to defend yourself against a knife being held to your throat.





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